Dosha Type

Introducing the three Ayurvedic Dosha Types

Through the ancient science of Ayurveda, four types of humans: Kapha, Pitta and Vata and a fourth type that is a mixture of the three are identified and defined based on the five elements. These types signify how a physical, emotional and mental system operates regarding metabolism and the actions and reactions of the individual.

You are what you eat, you are what you think and you are what you do; repetition and resonance create reality. Knowing what is good for one’s being and what is not enables one to make the correct choices, this is the goal of Ayurveda lifestyle science.

Ayurveda recognizes ten pairs of opposing substances that impact the system as one is interacting with the world continually, influencing. Through these ten pairs individual uniqueness is expressed and creates the interplay of the five elements causing one to be in balance or out of balance. Hot versus cold, for instance is an example of opposing substances. Through their interplay they create the three invisible forces called DOSHAS which are the product of the five elements acting out through these ten pairs in opposition. Vata arises from air and ether, Pitta arises from fire and water and Kapha from earth and water, as they appear in a living a being. It is through these three doshas that life exists, enabling the spiritual and mental planes to be expressed in physical form.

Through eating the correct food for one’s constitution based on the elements and through the understanding of the DOSHA type, the food becomes medicine, fresh air filled with prana allows the environment to be conducive to transformation and healing and a peaceful, relaxed state as the reality day-to-day. Applying Ayurvedic principles provides a wonderful opportunity to transform, realign and thrive in the perspective of what is truly complimentary to one’s well-being.


In our physical body, vata is the subtle energy of movement, pitta the energy of digestion and metabolism, and kapha is the energy that forms the body’s structure.

Scientific lifestyle methodologies of Ayurveda define the character and constitution of a person as a means to correct defects and bring one into balance and alignment, ultimately improving health, strengthening the immune system and causing a state of calmness in the body and mind.

Diet as well as atmosphere impacts a human considerably. Therefore, one must strive to create a peaceful environment, gain adequate rest, eat the correct types of food for their metabolism and practice applying fragrance for creating the right kind of ambience, throughout the day.

Using this simple character assessment, one can easily determine their dosha type or combination for selecting the right kind of products for bringing balance into their system, the right kind of foods for maintaining equanimity and easy digestion and the proper tools for creating a soothing atmosphere.

Checkmark what best applies to your character and tally results below. Many will find that they are a combination of types yet, one will dominate the constitution and remain as the over-riding influence of how one feels throughout the day.


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