According to Hindu philosophy and Vedic science, everything in the universe has one of three qualities called GUNAS: Sattwa, a quality that gives truthfulness and purity; Rajas is a quality that makes one energetic and passionate; Tamas is a quality that makes one corrupt, immoral and degenerate.

It is these three gunas which create the “I”-ness or individual ego in a human creating a division out of the oneness of existence.

Tamas evolves out of the five senses, which produce the five elements creating form.

Sattwa is the conscious aspect of the human form that perceives and manipulates matter and energy. It utilizes the mind and the five senses with the five senses of action: speech, hands, feet, genitals and anus (elimination).

Rajas represents the individual in action creating waves of kinetic energy, manifesting and creating individual reality on the physical plane.

An embodied life functioning as one unit is composed of the five elements, five senses with their five senses of action, the mind, the ego, the intellect, and a fragment of consciousness playing out through the combination of these three GUNAS.

Human quality of awareness is determined through the combination of sattwa, rajas and tamas qualities with one stronger than the two others determining the nature of character and quality of thought-currents.

Healthy thoughts makes one healthy, negative thoughts creates fertile ground for disease.

If mind and spirit are at peace, the body will be too. If consciousness is filled with conflict and frustration, the physiology will become diseased. Physical health makes mental and spiritual health easier to attain, too. How healthy one can be is determined by level of consciousness, hence the importance of cultivating a spiritual practice for growing awareness and cultivating the the best lifestyle habits.

The Sanskrit word for health is svastha, which translates as “established in one’s self”.

Ayurveda, a spiritual lifestyle science teaches one how to establish themselves in their true nature while maintaining balance in body and emotional chemistry.