Practicing mediation is an important part of keeping the body in good health. Through a daily practice of sitting still, quietly and tuning into the subtle, higher realms of existence, the thalamus, hypothalmus, prefrontal cortex, the prenatal lobe and the middle prefrontal areas become stimulated and begin to turn on the higher brain where super-human powers manifest and operate a conscious reality.

Daily practice of meditation activates the qualities of super-human intelligence and the ability to access higher frequencies of awareness, which imbibes one with the ability to operate intuitively.

In this heightened state, one enters an exceptional place of calmness and peacefulness while operating and managing their life activities. All of this is directly impacted by the state of the senses, the Thymus, Heart Chakra, the Solar Plexus and the nervous system, hence the importance of practicing Pranayama and Pratayahara of the Yoga science.

Through the practice of meditation coupled with other areas of Yoga, one develops a new way of perceiving reality, which brings tremendous balance into the human form. One moves form an excessively thought-current ridden animal living in a state of confusion and desire into a centered, aware, intelligent human. This, in turn, causes all internal organs to undergo a transformation improving the way they function and operate the life force.

In this exalted, improved state one no longer thinks in a linear way, rather, one expands in all directions, widening perception and embracing change and the maturation process intended for existence.

This can only happen if one is in the correct environment and surrounded by the correct people for creating the upgrade. Another reason why the science of astrology is necessary for understanding one’s place in the correct conscious community.

Ayurveda Lifestyle Science in all its aspects is necessary and vital to the health of the planet and the future of humanity.