In close proximation with the thalamus is the pituitary gland, the inner focus of meditation and the area connected wth profound spiritual vision and higher perception creating what is called the “third eye”. The third eye plays a significant role in awakening the body’s electrical sensory system and is central in connecting with the Root Chakra for awakening the Kundalini-Shakti energy force, which melts the Heart Chakra and stimulates love based in oneness.

For this reason, the senses must be purified and adjusted so that correct perception functions and aligns the individual properly with environment, people and activity. Including the right kind of diet, the correct foods lead one towards higher consciousness as the body refines, becomes more healthy and the senses operate from a balanced, clear state. Once this achieved, the right impressions for feeding Prana become available allowing for growth in spirituality and spiritual powers to grow. Learning how to control the sexual appetite benefits energy rising inside the form so that Prana becomes the food and vitality for life force.

Eating the wrong kind of foods or too much food and indulging in adverse pleasures such as sexual promiscuity, alcohol, low-quality food and sack items, delusional fantasizing, etc., aligns the energy inside the physical body with gravity, moving life force down and resulting in disease, aging, death and the lowering of consciousness.

Prana, aligned with the elements of air and space, disperses upward through the brain and senses, which can lead to loss of mind-body coordination. Hence, the importance of yoga practices for drawing down prana and uniting it with the body.

According to the ancients, Prana is the life-force that connects the body, mind and spirit together through the breath. Prana is not air, though oxygen is one of its vehicles. When digestion is strong, prana contained in food is efficiently taken into the system. When digestion is weak, only a little bit of prana can be taken in and assimilated.

There are two kinds of Prana: one is taken in through breathing and the other is taken in through the colon in well-digested food. This explains why the lungs and intestines are directly connected and integral to the process of growing consciousness and the necessity for maintaining a diet that is comprised of vital, pure ingredients.

Hatha Yoga is primary in assisting with bringing more Prana into the body while Ayurveda is focused on the lifestyle practices concerning diet, quality of food and right habits for edifying the physical body and creating emotional stability.

Most people breath through one nostril at a time, shifting from one nostril to the other every two-three hours throughout the day. When one is breathing in prana, both nostrils remain open, breathing in air – expelling air, simultaneously, while taking in vitality and enjoying the current of energy running through the spinal column and activating chakras and creating a subtle form of bliss in the body.