The Senses

An individual’s senses are determined at birth and can be seen through the five elements as they are depicted on an astrological map in their original form and as intended for a particular life.

Through conditioning, diet and lifestyle, the senses become clogged or distorted, changing the original imprint for guiding one into opportunities or life events.

The operating, control hub for the senses takes place inside the thalamus gland which is a walnut-shaped structure deep in the center of the brain. Information coming in through the ears, smell, taste, touch and eyes travels through the thalamus gland creating the perception of reality. All sensations, thoughts and emotions travels through the thalamus before they are communicated to other parts of the brain and give emotional meaning to life events as well as creating the individual’s concept of god and spirituality.

In ancient Vedic knowledge, the thalamus plays a central role in the process of spiritual awakening. The nerve system emerging from the spine and into the brainstem travel first through the thalamus and then up throughout the neocortex, along the crown of the head, creating the Crown Chakra.