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Ancient lifestyle practices designed for UNION OF BODY, MIND AND SPIRIT

Science of Ayurveda

The Life force known as OJAS is the subtle vehicle of consciousness, which enters the heart, the circulatory channels and is fed and improved through food, purity, cheer and hope. It also supplies the body with fine material for building the senses. It is the part of the brain that operates in memory, intelligence and willpower. Continue reading “Science of Ayurveda”



The Guru Gita

A conversation between Devi and Shiva

26. The hidden ignorance, absence of knowledge of Self, the world-Maya, the body – are all caused by ignorance. By whose grace one attains direct knowledge of the Self – he is known by the name ‘Guru’.

27. I prostrate to the Guru, whose two lotus-like feet help the removal of all miseries arising out of pairs of opposites and who saves one from the round of births and deaths.

28. I shall tell you that by which the embodied soul, purified from all sins, becomes Brahman. It is by the Service of the Guru’s feet…..

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